“Late at night when all the work is sleeping, I stay up and blog to you”. hahaha. Have you heard that song from Selena Quintanilla? It’s my favorite song to sign to Mia since she was born. Every time I sign it to her I mean every single word.

Hi my dear friend! Today’s publication came a little late because my work was CRAZY! but, here we are!! Have you ever worn a dress as shirt? or vice versa? This button down is versatile. I can see me wearing this with heels and a large bag for work. As a light jacket, just completely open with a cute co ord set. And the way I’m wearing it now. I love maximizing all the pieces in my closet, after all no one said you can’t wear pants under your dress, plus life is too short to wear boring clothes.

If you want to try this styling out, make sure the dress is the right length. If you are short and the dress is too long it would make you look shorter 😉 In my case, I’m tall (not super, but a little taller than average) this length makes me shorter but I’m totally ok with that 😉



My love, thank you so much for reading and coming by! I’ll see you tomorrow on a brand new Casual Friday Post! I’m because let’s say there some ”rocker chick” coming in haha. Have a Good night love!




ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Dress/Jacket is from a local boutique (similar below). The Jeans are Ralph Lauren. The boots are from SHEIN.COM

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