Angela Roi is a premium vegan handbag brand based online, they donate a part of their sales to non-profit organizations that support different health issues, they donate by the color of the handbag  and every color donates to a different cause.
Ever since I became a mom my whole world changed including my view on life. As I was going  through the colors and their causes, I read “childhood cancer”. My world stopped for a minute, I couldn’t help but put myself in the position of parents that may be going through such heart breaking times. I thank God every single day of my life for gifting me a beautiful healthy daughter and don’t take any moment for granted. The color representing childhood cancer is yellow and this isn’t a yellow bag, this is a bag for a cause!
I’m proud that I got the opportunity to work with a company with such good morals and look on life, thank you Angela Roi.

Here is my second with Angela Roi Online, hope you liked it!
Thank you for reading and coming back, Shey

Photos by Stephanie Sunderland


Handbag: Angela Roi 
Pants: Express
Shoes: BCBG
Sunglasse: Coach

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