Denim used to be a piece of clothing I used to take for granted, it used to be the easy way to an outfit and nothing more. Within the past year or so I’ve started to have this fascination for denim and its all I’ve been wanting to wear, even when it come to dressing my daughter, Mia. 
Denim is such  a versatile garment with endless pairing possibility, it has revolutionized all times and it’s safe to say that it is a universal piece of clothing that would never go out of style or fashion. 
I think I could sit here and write about denim for days but I have go make dinner ha ha ha, with that said, please check out Mia’s outfit details below, thanks for coming by!
Besos, Shey


H&M denim dress (no longer available) I love THIS ONE, THIS ONE and THIS ONE
H&M hat 
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