It kind of cringes my heart a little to give products/garments a bad review but not all that shines is gold and this shirt was a total disappointment.

The material is super thin but not in a good way, the zipper is sewn poorly and the overall fit of the shirt is just cheap. I tried ironing it but as you can see it made the fabric even more wrinkled. I won’t link where I got the shirt from because in all honesty I don’t like bashing companies but I wanted to make a point to be very careful when ordering online, not all is as pretty as it seems.

All and all I order this shirt specifically for this bell bottom jeans and I think the whole concept is exactly what I expect it to look like (except the shirt inconvenience) so I decided to go ahead and post it anyways. Thanks for reading and coming by, Shey


LUCKY BRAND bell bottoms jeans, SIMILAR
GO JANE booties, HERE 
TARGET fringe bag, SIMILAR

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