Wouldn’t you agree that this is a cute and professional look? Well…. it could be professional if you had a top on underneath it🤣🤣🤣! As for me, I went with the “meet your boyfriend at his place after a long day at work” type of look. hahaha. I pieced this outfit together to show how fun and stylish a blazer can be in the winter(even in Arizona)🤪. I hope you like the look and maybe try a few different things with your blazers this year. Send me a message on here or, at my IG @sheylassanchez, letting me know how your look came together.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Blazer and skirt are from FOREVER 21. The belt is from ZARA. The hat is from H&M (got it on clearance for $4 😉 ). The boots are from Burlington. The smile is completely free!

My friend, thank you for reading and coming by! A super tight hug,


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