I have always been afraid of stepping out of my comfort zone in both life and fashion. The good thing is that, I’ve learned, nothing you WANT comes from that. ON THAT NOTE, How do you feel about this combo?

When mix matching patterns, it’s important to keep the color pallets somewhat similar, to avoid looking like a crazy kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscopes are pretty impressive though. Do you even know what a Kaleidoscope is? Oh God, I lost my train of thought thinking about mine. I’m kidding, I don’t have one. I should get one. Let me go take my ADD pill, BRB.

I’ve been wearing this polka dot top like a uniform! I’ve mixed and matched with so many bottoms and I’m still in love with it. I can dress it up or down, make it look like a kaleidoscope. Oh no. Stop. Not going there again.

My love, thank you for reading and coming by! I appreciate it so much! I will see you tomorrow with another outfit post!!

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