Even though I went to Bolivia on a personal/medical matter, it was Carnaval season and I got to experience a little bit of that. Santa Cruz literally stops for three days straight to celebrate their heritage and culture. In those three days, people hang out outside their home, bbq, drink and buy lots and lots of foam spray and water balloons!

The third day after my surgery, I was feeling well enough to go enjoy a little of this big party. Mia and I went to my friend’s Grandma’s house while her and the rest of the crew partied hard somewhere else.

The fun was seeing the different crews modeling in their uniforms, their band following and the kids bombarding them with foam spray and water balloons.

Mia had so much fun. She got attacked as much as she attacked. Her Bandana was part of the theme and her beautiful, luscious, blonde pony tail was all her idea to wear hahaha.

And this is how Mia ended up. She had so so so much fun!

Thank you for reading and coming by my friend! I will see you tomorrow on another publication. I hope you have an amazing evening and don’t forget to smile, It’s contagious.

Big hugs,


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