I think I’ve said this before, but here it goes again: This lenght in shorts is sooooo WEIRD to me! I just can’t get used to it! Sometimes I try trends because, well, that’s what I do and love. Recognizing the ones that don’t work for me just like the ones that do, is so exciting for me. Not all trends are for everyone and that is okay 🙂

I also wanted to experiment with neon. It is so HOT right now!!. Neon can be tricky on my skin tone, it can either be super hot or a disaster. For this look, I toned down the neon green bodysuit with light denim to add some balance. My friend, I just can’t get used to the knee length shorts, at least not in denim fabric LOL. I look at myself and laugh! Plus, I was a little thicker when I shot this look, my thighs were juicy hahaha I’m about 4 pounds lighter now.

Laughing at myself😁

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The shorts are from AMERICAN EAGLE. The bodysuit is from FOREVER 21. The high heels sandals are from STEVE MADDEN. The smile is free and you can have it too!

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