Hi my love!!!! Today, I’m super excited because I’ve been looking at the little clips I’ve been putting together for my outfits and makes me want to go back to doing YouTube. But, Fashion related YouTube, not makeup like before 😆. I’m brainstorming ideas on the whole concept of the videos, I have a few cool ones.

YouTube is so much more intimidating than blogging. something about it makes me so nervous. My website is my comfort zone is where I vent, where I am my true self! I feel like YouTube can take that away from me. Everyone is sooo hungry to “make it”, to be relevant, to have one million subscribers, to make money, money, money. I do hope and work for my blog to be my job one day. But, I also have very clear that this is my hobby, my escape, my passion, my way out, and I DON’T want the money, the fame or the pressure to “make it” or to “fit in” get in the way of being authentic.

Let’s be honest, it is super super hard to be authentic when you see the same thing over and over again. Have you noticed that all youtubers have the same greeting? Even I did, way back when! “Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! In today’s video I’m going to be showing you how to contour” I mean, there nothing wrong with that. People notice that it has worked for huge youtubers, so they imitate it, myself included. I can watch 20 different girls say the exact same things. When I did it, it felt like that’s what I had to say. It felt like I was copying someone else because that is what is “in” or because that person is super cool and they “made it”. It felt forced. The video editing was sooo hard. On top of that, not having the family support I was looking for back then discouraged me, so I gave up!

See, my blog is different. This is my safe place. I do whatever I want, I write things that are relevant to me at the moment, not about what I think others want to hear. I share my post without feeling the pressure to fit in. It’s my space! I feel like YouTube is shared (wide open eyes emojis) There. I said it.

With that off of my chest, I do plan to incorporate longer, better quality videos here. Some fun ones for the non-readers, you know, my visual ones. haha

When I went to LA I felt like I wanted to vlog the whole experience. I’ve learned that nothing great comes out of being in your comfort zone for too long. I’ve also heard “dream so big that the outcome gives you goose bumps and makes you nervous. If there’s a tingling of excitement mixed with nervousness in your stomach, then you’re probably going in the right direction”. Similar to when you’re first falling in love with someone. You want to see them, you want to be with them, yet you are also soooo freaking nervous that you get butterflies in your stomach. You can’t eat in front of them and your cheeks hurt from smiling. Just thinking about videotaping myself again makes me feel somewhat like that. HAHAAHA. Watch me be so nervous I throw up in front of the camera (yuck)! For now, I’ll keep brainstorming on how to make my videos feel authentic. I want them to come from my heart. I’ve been wanting to make them for my eyes only, something to look back when I’m 60 years old. My outfits, my trips, my points of view on life in my 20 somethings. I think that would make me feel way more comfortable than to just be video taping to show off or to impress people I don’t even know. My WHY would be for my own memories! Also, for when I get old and in the meantime, share them with my friends(you) along the way!

If you read through all that, you are champ!! Now onto today’s publication. I’m soo obsessed with his pink sequined bandeau top. Today was supposed to be Casual Friday, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this cute outfit! I think the picture quality came out pretty nice as well. I’m having a proud moment haha and the shoes did not hurt my feet at all.

My friend, Do you ever feel the need to fit in, but to be different at the same time? Please tell me I’m not alone in this!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The skirt is from Hollister (surprising, right?). The Top is from FOREVER 21. The miracle shoes are from STEVE MADDEN. The jacket is from H&M. The beautiful bag is from YSL and the smile is from me to you and is completely free.

As always, my dear, thank you for reading and coming back! I appreciate you so much!

Leave me a comment down below just to know you come by and you’re alive. It could even be an emoji 😉

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