I don’t think I have ever seen so much confusion in an outfit before. I mean sequins, metallic, sporty, dressy and on top of that a hat HAHA. What had happened was: I was shooting another outfit with the sequined top. When I was done, I changed in this one. The light bulb in my head turned on and I though it would be a great casual “Friday Outfit” and I would totally wear it out and about so here we are!



My friend, if this is your first time here, WELCOME! We have new posts Monday-Friday. Mondays we start with Mommy and Mia Monday, where my daughter Mia and I match outfits and goof around to take photos. The rest of the days, I have solo outfit inspirations. And we end the week with Casual Fridays! Thank you for coming by today!



A little something about me, I used to want to be a dancer, unfortunately my mom couldn’t afford it plus I wasn’t born with the talent like most dancers. So I’m always goofing around acting like I can dance >< This video proofs I can’t even do a split LOL.


My love, I hope you have an amazing weekend. That you are surrounded by people who love you and make you laugh. If not, love them and make them laugh! with much love… Shey 🙂

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The shorts are from PINK. The Jacket is from H&M. The sneakers are REEBOK.  The pink sequined bandeau top is from FOREVER 21.

Thank you for reading and coming by my friend. I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Tight hugs,


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