Hello my dear friend!
Hello my dear! This last picture makes me feel like out of Gossip Girl. Reading one of the blast sent by the anonymous blogger that spills all the juices  about the hyper privilege Upper East Siders. I also feel like Serena could have worn this outfit to run an  ”errand”. Maybe to buy her mom some eye cream?
The fashion in this show is insane! I loved every single outfit Serena and Blair wore through the entire series. Since when did this publication turned into a Gossip Girl review? LOL.
Today I was feeling dark. Real dark. When I choose an outfit, I typically have one item I really want to wear and work my way around it. This time it was my tights. Yup, you read right: my tights. I’ve been really into tights this winter season.  It’s the perfect accessory to keep you some what warm and still show some smooth skin. Not to mention they are my best friends when it come to hiding my dear friends called cellulite ;(.
My loves, I’m super tire tonight. I’m going cut the chit-chat here 🙁 I hope you liked the outfit as much as I did! Thank you sooooo much for reading and coming by, I appreciate you so much! I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with love and laughter. I’ll see you on Monday on a brand new Mommy and Mia Post!
ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The coat is from LOOKBOOKSTORE.CO (quite old). The boots are from ZARA.COM. The belt if SHEIN.COM

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