Good morning my dear!! All I see on the socials is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. I don’t do Halloween. But, to be honest, I’M LIVING to see all the amazing costumes and makeup from the super, super talented beauty community. I’m on Instagram every 5 minutes refreshing it to stalk the parties going on in LA and NY. Today, I wanted to share this outfit I wore during New York Fashion Week this past September. Even though I posted it on the socials, I never got to write about it here.

I think it’s ideal to share now, because, this is as Halloween-ish as I’ve dressed in a few months HAHAHA.

It just so happens that, I’m wearing these boots today and they are SO comfy! I remember walking 10 minutes, catching the train in Queens, traveling about 1 mile to Central Park, taking these pictures and reversing the process to go home. All of that and they DID NOT hurt one bit. It is also quite possible that it was the adrenaline of being in the City during Fashion Week. For me, that was LIFE!

The weather in NY was perfect for hats and boots. But, too hot for sweaters. I felt like a lost princess that found freedom after being trapped in the Arizona heat for way too long. Is it crazy to say that I missed humidity? Call me crazy AKA Island Girl. LOL.

My love, thank you so much for reading and coming by! I appreciate you so much and I will see you again in my next publication.

With much love,


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