Good morning my dear friend!

I had a hard time writing this post because since I got sick last week, I’ve been in a little bit of a funk (bad mood, not wanting to do anything, depressed kind of deal). It’s been so bad I turned to the internet to figure out how to snap out of it. I read about the different chemicals in your brain that affect/create your mood, reading it took me back to my AP Psychology class in high school, it was fun. There’s a lot of useful information I’m not going to bore you with BUT, if you ever feel the same OR want to learn more about it, let me know and I can write about it! In the mean time to get out of it, I read over my very first post in 10/25/2018. It lifted my spirit. In addition to that, I’m going to the gym tonight and THAT is going to help too! (I’ll Instagram it for you) 😉


Speaking of what you came here for: OUTFITS!! How sick are these jeans?? I LOVED them since the second I saw them! They are high-waisted and super form-fitting (I ended up exchanging them for a bigger size because they were choking my knees. Do you see it LOL!)

  Do you see little Mia in the back? She refused to get off the fire hydrant because she wanted to be in the  picture!! She can be SO stubborn! LOL.

I literally, had to bribe her to get off. 

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The jeans and sweater are from H&M outlet store. The shoes I do not recommend (THEY KILL) but, if you’re stubborn like Mia and you ‘d like to try them for yourself, they are from Here are some different options 😉

As always my friend, thank you very much for reading and coming by! Happy Tuesday aaaaaand SNAP OUT OF IT!!! haha. See you tomorrow on the next post.

WHY DO YOU fall into funks? Does it happen to you? please tell me I’m not alone…





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