On our second day, our destination and “WHY” was to visit EL VIEJO SAN JUAN. But before, Olivia wanted to go to the beach. Our hotel was literally across the street from it. So it made sense that we were dying to go to the beach! (did I mention Pinterest-Perfect moments in my previous post?) Well, here they are! Olivia was obessed with Pinteresting everything for this trip. She literally Pinterested “Best Friend poses at the beach” and obviously a bunch of picture-perfect moments came up. hahaha. It’s safe to say that we are pretty PROUD of these pictures! I think they look genuine and fun. We took the morning to walk on the beach, ask random strangers to take our pictures and drink coconut water. Lots of it:) . Taking the photos was super fun and they came out as genuine as we felt when taking them.

Moving into the afternoon; One of Olivia MUST DO’S during this trip, which also happened to be a dream of hers for years, was to go Parasailing. This was the coolest experience I’ve had (in my young life) so far! Let me tell you all about it: First, a small boat takes you to a larger one. Then, you have to climb and hold on to the captain as if your life depended on it and if you don’t want to fall and break your jaw! (Ok that may have been a bit excessive… Haha). You just have to hold on tight and be really careful doing the transition. The bigger boat then takes you into deeper water where it has to be perfectly positioned in the correct direction of the wind. We were then given our harnesses and some instructions on how to sit and land. Finally, we were all set to go! As the parachute starts opening you feel like you are drifting away from the boat little by little. It feels so surreal. As if, you are literally flying! It was super special to see my friend live her dream! She even got emotional up there😥. It felt so peaceful and calming. In my honest opinion, it felt like we were closer to God.

I hope you like the little video I put together below 🙂

EL VIEJO SAN JUAN was a super adorable place with a romantic vibe. The houses look like they are fake and it was like walking into a doll house. I regret not taking my professional camera, these pictures do not do El Viejo San Juan any justice. After taking pictures and sight seeing, we made our way to a restaurant called Raices. The ambiance was very cozy. It felt like a high end cultural restaurant (which was what we were looking for). The food was super good and we devoured our plates. We were told that, the next best night life on Saturday nights was, El Viejo San Juan. So, we stuck around. It turns out the IT Saturday night place was a major teenager hang out. Olivia and I were mesmerized by all the teenagers. We people watched every single one of them closely. We eyed their outfits, the way they talked, walked, their gestures, EVERYTHING! It was honestly so fun to be the creeps we were (it wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, we behaved haha). We felt like it was a different world and we wanted to belong so bad. We felt kind of…old. No one was looking at us like the night before. We were no longer the center of attention LOL…it was sad haha.

The night ended a bit earlier this time. The teenagers didn’t seem to have a curfew. But, we were tired and wanted to enjoy the rest of the following day, which was going to be our last…

About the beach outfits: The red bathing suits are Olivia’s and they are both from Forever21. The headpieces are from H&M (came in a bundle of two). The short denim overall is from Hollister and the red top is from Forever21

Thank you for reading and coming by love,  remember to be kind and know your “WHY”. I’ll see you soon.

WHY DO YOU love all the Pinterest Perfect moments???



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