Today is the last day of the first month of the year and I’m doing an End on Month recap. It would be a way to look back at things I enjoyed doing or even look for areas of improvements, a way to make myself accountable, and accomplished and always look for new small goals. Sometimes, we become numb to our routines and everyday life and next things you know, your kids are going away for college, you never worked towards that dream you had, you never moved out that apartment, never took that trip, never used that gift card you got for Christmas, and just like that, your days become muted and you find yourself living someone else’s dream and wishing you could back in time.

See, for me, I’m 20 something and I already regret SOO many I didn’t do in my teens and even my early twenties. I wish I joined sports in high school, I wish I would have gone out with friends and stayed up all night, I wish I had taken way more chances and betted on myself. Thinking back at it, I WAS SO WEIRD!! The point is, I do not want to be 40 or 60 and look at my life and feel pettiness for myself. So, my friend, I would like to invite you to pull up a calendar, set up a plan, set yourself tiny small goals and work towards accomplish them one tiny step at a time. Set up time for YOU. Even if you’re married and have 9 kids, you should always have a couple of things you are not willing to negotiate or give up, things that make you happy, laugh or rejoice!

One of my favorites sayings goes: “We don’t stop playing because we grow up. We grow up because we stop playing”

My favorite part of this month was definitely going to LA! Even more specific, it was mimosas with my mom and friends and the wax museum! Another favorite is the new coffee shop I found yesterday! it was super cute and affordable! I’m super excited for February and the rest of the year!

Thanks for reading and coming by babe! I appreciate you! I hope you a lovely night with lots of love and laughter!


ABOUT THE OUTFIT: the denim jacket is from TARGET. The biker shorts are from SHEIN.COM. The waist bag is from TARGET.

And to be completely honest this outfit feels super copied, not original or my style at all. But, I aim to please. If you didn’t like it, now you know I’m human and I copy too 😂 Good night friend.

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