One of the hardest decisions you’ll probably have to face in life is to walk away or try a little harder. But when do you know what to choose? When do you know if to listen to your heart or your head? And when did this blog become a job/love/business advise forum? I don’t have any of those answers but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Whether you feel like you can’t no more or you need to try harder at work, at home, at school, at a new business, at life, you are not alone.

So I heard this quote that said “Whenever you have to make a hard decision flip a coin, why? Because while it is in the air… you suddenly know what you’re hoping for” but what if what you are hoping for will hurt people around you? What if what you hope for is selfish? And so how do you know when to flip the page or close the book? And again when did Sheyla go from fashion bloggling to asking questions she doesn’t even know the answers to? 

What I do know is that I’m not alone and for some reason coming back here is my happy place and I really hope you will find some self comfort here too, just a little out of your everyday life!

Ps: YOU are free to choose but YOU are NOT free from the consequence of your choice. 
And tonight I’ll leave you with a picture from my phone sister.
Good night loves! 

Top: Saks Fifth Ave 
Shorts: extremely old 🙁
Shoes: Target (on sale for $8 girl! )
Hat: Lids (new Dodgers fan)
Little Mia in the back 🙂

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