Hi beautiful! I have a question for you. What is Instagram? HA HA HA. Please tell me you’re obsessed with Tik Tok as much as I am. It’s so much FUN. I feel like Instagram is so superficial and glam. Like it makes me want to have what others have. It can even make me feel self-conscious about my own physical appearance. While Tik Tok on the other hand, make me want to dance, crack jokes on my loved one, laugh and just be myself! I can really, really appreciate that. Are you Tik Toker or Instagramer?

My dear, I posted this look on Insta quite a while back but, never post it here. I really hope you like it!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Dress is from ROSS. Boots are from Steve Madden. Belt is Jessica Simpson ( SO OLD!).

Thank you for reading and coming by! A super tight hug,

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