Hey hey hey pretty! It’s my birthday today!! I’m one of those people that celebrates their birthday all week and My birthday month is my favorite (This was back when I was younger 🤣) as the numbers get close to the 30’s I seem to celebrate less 😆

This year I don’t have much plan because it landed on a weekday but, I’m excited to have dinner an intimate diner with my small family and my princess Mia.

If there’s one thing I like to spoil myself for my birthday is with a new outfit. This year, I went for this cute, somewhat professional set which is very appropriate for my office setting. I will definitely swap out the top for a more conservative one. I don’t want to get fired🤣 I just realized that my outfit for dinner is also going to coordinated set 😆 must be obsessed. I will show you that one in the next publication.

My dear, thank you for reading and coming by! I wish you have a beautiful day today.

A super tight from the birthday girl,

Shey ♥️

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