First things first, I’m not a baseball fan. My dad has tried to push it on me most of my life. But as the girly girl that I am, I only enjoy watching the World Series in like the bottom of the 9th inning with the last batter up. LOL! I can feel you judging me as you read. Make it stop! Haha

BUT, I’ve learned to appreciate and love the company more than the activity or place, SOOO, this was my mind set for the game. I was going with someone super charming, funny and outgoing so I was at ease knowing that I would have a good time eating hotdogs and drinking nasty beer (I’m not a fan of beer).

As we walk into the stadium, he says “we are in the suite section” I can feel his pride as he said that, trying to impress, you know? I said “Okay, okay!” the fancy in me started jumping out of pure excitement and the curiosity was killing me softly. But, I kept it cool.

Everyone was seated when we made it to our section. As we walked down the stairs I kept thinking “how much longer? we can’t be that close to the game!” I looked around and people stared at us like you stare at the popular girl in high school. We finally make it to our seats in the third row! Pretty cool, hu? I kept it cool, but I was feeling like JLO watching AROD on the field. I’m serious. Boujee AF.

 The concierge or, as he put it “The Gatekeeper”, greeted us and verified our seats. He then informed us of the “benefits” of the seats we purchased which included 2 Lounges, a full Buffet, private restrooms, a full for and beverage menu and a waitress to order from our seats! I looked through the menu and nothing looked appealing because I had a hot dog and nasty beer in mind. Lol

After the 1st inning we walked around to check out the lounges. One of them was solely a bar and only served drinks. The second one was bigger with a buffet, nice dining area and TV’S all around to watch the game from inside. Again, none of the food in buffet looked appealing. As we are walking out to take our seats again, I saw IT! There it was! My HOT DOG! Long story short, we rushed back to our seats and asked the waitress if she could get me one. She was more than happy too and she ran off to fill my order. I FINALLY got my hot dog and…. let’s just say… it was “alright” IT wasn’t what I thought I NEEDED.

7th inning comes along and my belly is still not as happy as it could be. All these fancy foods and my not so fancy cravings.

Want to know what happiness is? Happiness is finding exactly what you want to eat, warm and fluffy waiting for you to purchase it. And we found it… tear and drum roll: CHICKEN WINGS! Oh, my friend, I’ve never felt so happy and complete my whole life. These wings were so juicy, mild and full of exquisite flavor. THAT was what I needed. They were deliciously amazing! SO good that my friend didn’t “want any” and ended eating 4 out my 9 wings (that’s ok though because we bought good tickets) and I let it slide.

The game ended up in huge success!  the Dodgers won 9 to 0!!! The crowd was super fun and weather was the cherry on top of our date.    

My dear, thank you for reading and coming by! This post did not have any Fashion purpose, even though, my outfit was so cute according to girls in the ladies room 😊  The purpose was merely to share my fun experience. I hope you enjoyed reading and I will see you in my next Fashion post!!

Super tight LA hug,


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