Today’s post is something I’ve actually been anticipating for a little over a month. You may be asking yourself “Why?”. Well, it was approximately 5 weeks ago, when I found out the Revolve Awards were going to be in Las Vegas! Being that Vegas is so close to where I currently reside (I’m in Arizona), I thought it seemed fitting and made perfect sense for me to go visit and mingle. So, I found myself on the phone with The Palms Casino (where the event was being held) and booking a room for the weekend. I didn’t really have a set plan. But, I was hoping to see my favorite bloggers and interact with them. Let me tell you how the trip went and you can tell me how i did. Haha

The drive from Arizona to Las Vegas is about 4 hours long. The scenery is pretty nice, so it’s not super boring. The whole way over there I kept envision what it would be like when I meet my favorite bloggers and what I would say when I saw them. My main goals were to: 1. See Camila Coehlo for the second time (I met her once in 2013 and she is one of my favs!) 2. Meet Aimee Song and Negin (who are also my top favorites) and 3. Play it cool and have a good time!(this was the most important)

Keeping this in mind, I had everything planned out. What I was going to say, how I was going to say it, how I was going to stand and even the poses i wanted to make (If i was lucky enough to get some pics with them). I was planning on keeping it super cool and casual the whole time. However, that did not happen!!

Let’s fast forward to me “casually waiting”outside the elevator that took them to the private party.

Obviously, I was not expecting them to come out while I was there. Mostly because, I didn’t have a whole lot of details in regards to the event and had no clue when it was going to be over. Or, what they’d do after. But then…… IT HAPPENED! They started piling out of the elevators by the pairs!! I felt like it was perfect timing and meant to be! As i stood there, watching the elevator doors open, I was shocked to see Camila walk out right in front of me! Everything I had practiced in my head on the drive here, went out the window!!! LOL. I just said: “ Camiiiiiiilaaaaa!” . She came walking towards me and gave me the sweetest hug and said “hello”. After we hugged, she said: “Have we met before?” I was NOT expecting her to remotely remember me, since she meets so many people. But, she did! I was such a fan in that moment and I showed her a picture of when we met in 2013. It was a photo of her, Mia and I. Both her and her husband were super cool and so down to earth. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, Aimee Song walks out of one of the freaking elevators! I had to hug her as well! Lol. Aimee was beyond sweet and such a doll. Also, she is BEYOND beautiful in person!

There was a Private Party after the awards ceremony (as you would expect) and of course we tried to get in. But, we were denied entrance because it was invite only. (bummer). Camila and her husband actually offered to try to get us in! But, even with their help, I was unable to get in. (Maybe next year 😉)

The whole experience was so humbling and extremely gratifying for me. Some people like to follow and admire super high profile celebrities. But, for me, I’d rather follow the more normal, down to earth people that have accomplished awesome things and that I can identify more with. It makes me feel like everything in this world is possible!

I hope you like this clip I put together.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The Dress is from Revolve, the model is NBD (I thought it would be fair to wear Revolve for the event). The shoes are from STEVE MADDEN.

Thank you so much for reading and coming by! I’ll see you in the next post.



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