First things first, this dress is a little off brand for me. Period. But, isn’t it PERFECT for Vegas???

When I planned the trip to the Grand Canyon, I knew we were going to stay in Vegas for at least one night. I also knew I wanted to wear something that was WOW, in other words, something Vegas.  Something I would probably never wear around my family and friends because I can be quite conservative. I’m serious, I am! LOL. I wore my first bikini bottoms when I was about 20 years old. See?

When I got the email that my dress was delivered, I asked my mom to facetime me so I could see it while she opened it. He reaction was hilarious!! I said ” Mami, can you open the package? It’s my dress!” So she opens the package, looks at me through the phone and says: “No, this is not your dress. This is a bathing suit!” I laughed and said ” Ok. Thank you!” I’m sure she was shocked to see me wearing my ”bathing suit” in Vegas. At night.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Dress is from Fashion Nova. Shoes are from Steve Madden.

My love, thank you so much for reading and coming by! I’ll see again in the next publication.

Super tight hug,


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