On our last day in Puerto Rico, we decided to take the opportunity to enjoy the beach at its fullest. We ordered some Puerto Rican pizza (they deliver right to your spot in the beach (emoji)). We had more coconut water (I’m seriously obsessed with coconut water, I think it is the most perfect creation in nature! haha). We had an awesome time sitting on our lounge chairs, going through our pictures, touching base with family and doing a little social media.

In the afternoon, we went the wedding Olivia was invited to. It was a short Christian ceremony filled with love and heartfelt moments. Awwww ❤️

Our last dinner was by far the BEST of the BEST of the BEST!! We went to the restaurant, El Nuevo Aquario. The place itself is not fancy at all. It’s rather the opposite! Most of it had been torn down by Hurricane Maria. The food, however, was PHENOMENAL! We ordered fried fish with tostones (fried plantains) and a salad. I’m from the Dominican Republic and we eat a lot of fish. But, no lie, this was THE BEST FRIED FISH I have ever tried! EVER! Not to mention the fact that the service was exceptional. We even got free drinks from the restaurant owner himself! We asked to speak with him, to congratulate him on such flavorful fish, and he was nice enough to give us drinks. It was hands down the best food we had the ENTIRE trip!

With this, I must end the post about Puerto Rico😔. My hopes were that, with each and every story, you felt like you were right there with me! Kisses… See you tomorrow with an outfit post 🙂

About the outfits: All the one piece swimsuits are from Forever 21, the sunglasses are from Quay and the shorts are from American Eagle.

As always, pretty, thank you so much for reading and coming by. It means the world to me.

WHY DO YOU hate the end of your vacations??? For me, it’s having to come back to reality 😂😂.

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