After my surgery, something has been different. A little off. A little sadder. A littler blah. A little careless. I’ve been struggling to find topics to write about, to find passion, to find my inspiration and keep pushing forward.

I have what I wanted, so WHY am I NOT happy?

Inspiration comes and goes and it’s clear that discipline is what drives us to become better and be who we strive to be. What happens when you loose both, inspiration and discipline? I’ve been on this route before and I know how it ends. I don’t want to get there. Instead of forcing my inspiration, perhaps I need to write about what I feel. Let it out and start over as many times as it is necessary.

I made a video sharing my experience and what I had done. I’m happy that I did it and I really like the results. During the process and after, everyone treated me AMAZING. My mom and my brother are still babying me. But, something is missing. I bet, now you’re thinking “What is it?” Well… guess what? I don’t know! I wish I knew what it was! But, I don’t and that’s what sucks about these funks I fall into.

This time I refuse to get too deep into it. I’m looking at the positive things in my life and how grateful I feel everyday to have a roof over my head, a healthy daughter, a healthy family and health for myself. After that, everything is luxury.

My friend, I thank you for reading, If you’re down, put your head up and look at the positive things in your life! I’m sure you have TONS! Need one to think about? SPRING IS HERE!!!!

Don’t you feel super excited for each season of the year? Towards the end of one, you can’t wait for the next season? That’s how I feel about this spring/summer season! I have so many cool things planned in my head they involved warmer weather. I’m excited, because, my new years resolutions are still going strong! I have one activity, state or country to go to each month of the year! Except November and December (those I still need to plan).

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Shorts are from ZARA. Boots are from STEVE MADDEN. Sweater is from ROSS. Sunglasses are from RUE21.

Thank you so much for reading and coming by!



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