After sharing the video of my surgery yesterday, I feel like I have nothing to talk about today haha. I’m still in shock to have shared such a big part of, not only my life, but my body! My purpose was to help any of my friends that are thinking about doing it and to obviously vent and let it out to you. I thank you for watching the video and for coming back today for more!

Today I’m sharing such a cute outfit! I used to sell this romper at my online store (no longer open). I had it in my archives as memory. I decided to take it out in a moment of melancholy. I put it on, started accessorizing it, and here is the result LOL.

This is an outfit I would wear on a dinner date and maybe even a club night out in Scottsdale, AZ.

I went for over the knee boots because the romper is quite short in the back. I mean like daisy dukes type of short. haha. I finished my hair as sleek as I could and added gold details to make the outfit pop.

My friend, thank you for reading and coming by. I appreciate you so much!!

Tight hugs!


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