Last day in Miami- family 

Hey gorgeous!! Thank you for coming by! Today is my last day in Miami and all I wanted to do was see my beautiful grandma and family from my dads side. I haven’t seen my dad and them for almost three years!! I more then missed them.

My grandma made one of my favorite meals she used make this so much back when we lived together in 2005. Wow time flies! 

I wanted to share this fun outfit I wore for a family day of love and laughter. 

I’ve worn this over all before but it fits sooo well I had to share it again! Overall make me feel so young and fun. Did I tell you I gave a serious obsession with one shoulder tops? It’s a problem. One shoulder everything is going to be soooo in this spring and summer ♥️ since the weather in Miami is cray cray this was the perfect top to pair with my overall. I stayed in sneaker because I wanted to be comfortable and free to play with my brother and sister. I added round sunglasses that made the outfit a little funky and cute! 

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: the overall is from HM. The top is from SHEIN.COM. The shoes are Náutica purchased at ROSS and the sunglasses are RAY BAN. 

Have you ever heard of a dream/vision board? I got to make one at my sales class. It’s cardboard or construction paper and you glue pictures of everything you wish to have in near future or in life! In my vision I put my brother and my sister because I haven’t seen them in so long. I made this board as a New Years resolution and in the second month of the year I got to see them!! Comes to show the power of positive thinking and keeping your vision and goals clear and at float. 

My love, thank you for reading and coming by! I will not see you tomorrow because I doing something I will share with you really soon! Please have me in your prayers and wish me good luck. Know that I appreciate you and wish YOU the best♥️. 

Super tight hugs, 


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