The promised polka dot wall in Mia’s Ex-nursery is here! Mia is now 2 1/2 years old and we no longer live in this little beloved apartment in NYC but I thought I would still do a post on how to do this super easy polka dots yourself!

These polka dots were originally going to be stripes like this nursery here. I was definitely stock on the idea that I wanted a pink-and-grey-striped-wall-nursery.

I ordered grey tone wallpaper stripes but received silver instead and that was disappointment number one. Second disappointment: The stripes were absolutely NOT easy to stick to the wall, and I was looking for an easy way out. I didn’t want to have to paint the wall myself so I thought “Wallpaper is the way to go” I was wrong.

Wall before
 My fiancé, Marcos, was the one to take on the task of putting the wallpaper up, he thought it was going to be super easy too, oh boy, we were wrong. He ended damaging one whole stripe before he gave up on the entire project; it was hard to make the lines straight, the paper was extremely sticky, we just got so frustrated.
The wallpaper was definitely not cheap, off course I didn’t want to trash it so I made super easy polka dots with it and here is how!
  1. I figured out the size I wanted the dots to be using my kitchen canisters, lucky I had three sizes so I got to try them all.  The middle one was the perfect size for me. I began tracing circle with the a pen.

 2. I cut the dots while watching TV or whenever I had some down time (it took me quite sometime to finish all four 8 ft stripes.
3. My lovely fiancé then finely measure each polka dot and neatly placed then on the wall. He said that when things got tough (he was getting tired) he thought of the little one the way to keep going (aww) LOL

 Funny story: That day, I had gone out to run errands and for some reason he kept calling me, little did I know he was working on the wall by himself and wanted to surprise when I got there! Tear.

It was such a happy moment for us, it was like realizing “OMG this is really happening, Mia would be here soon” All the hard work was definitely worth it.
PS: 2 and some years later, you can always skip all this hard work and just buy already made polka dots here super inexpensive 😉
Thank you very much for reading and coming by, really hope you have a good week. See you soon!
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