Dear Mia,

Today, May 22nd 2019, was your pre-kindergarden graduation. I’m so proud and so blessed to call you my daughter. You are sooo smart, funny, quick witted, girly, sassy, kind, fun and beautiful. I wish I had the ability to hold every single moment with you close to my memory. But, as the days go on and you grow older, some things will fade. I hope you come back to this post one day and it reminds you of how much I adore you. I truly won’t know where I would be without, my princess.

As we were getting ready this morning, you were so excited to be graduating. Even though you really didn’t know what that meant, you were excited enough to let me do your hair(which is a miracleeee).

Because of the rush, we forgot to put a little lipstick on you ( we always do for very special occasions). But, guess what? You had a great idea!! You asked me to kiss you on your lips so that my lipstick can transfer to your lips!! When you said that, I laughed so hard. You looked at me puzzled. So, I went ahead and kissed you and voila, you had lipstick on!!

It feels like the years are flying by :(. I’m stuck in this area of limbo, in which, I’m wishing you dont grow up. But, at the same time, I’m looking forward to adventures when you’re older. Because of work and lifes circumstances, we don’t spend as much time together as I would love. I want you to know that I love you and I will always always always be here for you. You are #1 in my life. Take comfort in knowing that i will be here as you grow and i will do my best to guide you into adulthood. I’ll be here through all your successes and failures, your new relationships and heartbreaks, your new jobs and career changes. I’ll hold your hand and let you know “it’ll be ok” when things get stormy. I’ll will be that steady part in your life when the world is constantly changing. Most importantly, I’ll be there to laugh with you when life brings you happiness or when we tickle each other until we laugh until we cry.

I love you, Mia

With my heart in my hands,

Your mommy.

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