Did you know that this “dress” is actually a skirt? haha. Seriously. I was putting this outfit together, but I could not figure out what to pair this girly midi-skirt with. So ,I literally just pulled the skirt up to my chest, put on a belt and here you go! “I’m ready!!”

I think the belt is perfect for the Valentines Day season, even though I would wear it all year round. I love all things girly. Have you notice? 🙂

I went for over the knee the boots to cover up so skin and elevate the look of the dress (or skirt. At this point I’m lost) to a more sophisticated feel!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The skirt, I mean dress is from TARGET. The belt is from SHEIN.COM and the boots are Steve Madden.

Thank you for coming by and reading this express post, my friend. I appreciate you!!


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