In the initial post, celebrating the 5th year anniversary and revamping the blog, I talked about what inspired me to change the dynamics and why I decided to keep writing. I wanted to make it different, more enjoyable for me and most importantly, I wanted a meaning behind it. My whole idea was to have a WHY. The deep purpose on WHY we do certain things in life. In my first post back, I mentioned going to a seminar that made me find my own why. Since then, every time I feel lost, down, unempowered or ashamed about the material things I don’t have, I come back to my own WHY. I say it out loud  and somehow, my attitude changes. I get recharged and things “magically” start falling into place again.

So what is your WHY? It is your purpose, your motivation, what wakes you up everyday and drives you to keep moving forward. Some people feel like their families are their why. But, this is more of our duty as human beings. Your purpose in life is not to feed your kids and get them ready for school every day. Instead, it is WHY you do those things! Your WHY is not usually material things or money (even though they could be). Ask yourself this: If money wasn’t an option, what would I be doing? If the world was blind who would you impress?

Today I’m sharing my personal WHY in hopes to help you find yours. Since I found my purpose/why, my “down” time has decreased tremendously. My why lifts me up.

My WHY is to make my daughter  PROUD of me. For her to say “That is MY mom!” For her to be proud of my accomplishments while teaching her to never settle. That EVERYTHING in life is possible if you put your mind, body and soul into it.

About the Outfits: Our Polka dot shirts are from Old Navy, my boots are from Burlington (similar, better quality below), Fanny Pack belt bag is from GUESS (similar below). Mia’s legging are from Old Navy and shoes from Burlington (similar ones below)

I hope you liked our mommy and me outfits of the day! Mia and I wish you a great rest of the week. Thank you so much reading and coming by, it means the world to me. I’ll see soon!



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