My love!!! I’ve missed you soooooooo much! Have you missed me??? I’m sooooo happy to be back writing! As I told you a couple of weeks back, I went to Bolivia! I wanted to vlog and blog the whole time I was there (I even took my computer because I was determined to document everything). But, unfortunately after my surgery, I didn’t really feel well enough or genuine enough to come on here and write about outfits or beauty. I spent most of my days swinging back and forth in a hammock (my favorite part of the trip!). But, I did get to do some little things here and there and one of those was a matching outfit with Mia when we went on an acai adventure. My friend, Olivia from Bolivia, had been talking about how “delicious” and “different” they are since before we even planned the trip! Lol. So, this was a must stop!

My friends had been to this location before and they had “super good- amazing paninis”. Since I was hungry, I let my stomach decide and I went for the panini instead of the açaí bowl. Oh man, how I regret it!! I did have an acai strawberry smoothie (which was delicious) but, my throat was not 100%, the acai felt raspy and I didn’t enjoy it very much.

What I did looooooove, was how cute the little place was and the whole concept behind it. It was a stand alone building with cute modern and rusty decor (which I love) ! The atmosphere was kind of beachy cute. Look at the palm tree and the glass structure.

My loves, I can’t wait to share other details from the trip. This was mainly a medical/asthetic trip, not a full vacation. But, I got so much out of it and can’t wait to share more tomorrow! Thank you for reading and coming by, I’ve missed you sooooooooo much and I’m so happy to be back. I’ve been brainstorming about video ideas too. So, I’m super excited about that as well. I appreciate you and I will see you tomorrow!!!

Jumping kisses (even though I can’t junp) ,


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