Hey lovey dovey!! Mia and I went to see Aladdin, with my besties, and Mia’s cousin the other night. It was such a beautiful movie! Since Jasmine is my favorite princess, I was going to be a hard critic on this Disney remake. I think Aladdin was a perfect match, everything I imagined him to be. The actress who played Jasmine, Naomi Scott, did such a good job on carrying the character. She was such a beautiful girl. But, I feel like physically, I wanted a closer match. Nonetheless, the movie was AH-MAZING! Will Smith was super funny, and I feel like he did a really awesome job as well.

For this comfy night, Mia and I went for Red and Denim, one of my favorite combos EVER!!

Funny fact about this picture: Mia did not want to give me a kiss. soooooooo, like the awesome mom I am, I offered to get her extra ranch on her fries and, like magic, she was smiling from ear to ear. LOL. (Ranch is like crack to children!)

ABOUT OUR OUTFITS: Mia’s dress is from SHEIN.COM. Her SANDALS are from TARGET and VEST is from OLD NAVY.

My top is from Forever 21. I got it on a major sale! My jeans are from a local boutique, my hat is from LIDS and shoes are Classic Chucks.

My friend, THANK YOU for reading and coming by!! I will see you again in the next post.

Super tight hug,

Shey 🙂

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