Hi my dear!

For today’s Mommy and Mia Monday, I wanted to share some behind the scenes photos of Mia’s birthday shoot. I  freaking LOVED how the final shots came out! I think it would be really cute to look back (years from now) and see the struggles to make beautiful photos happens 🙂

Mia’s hair is SO long. It’s literally past her tush. When it’s curly, it’s less than half of the length here!

Because I love memories like this. Hahaha

We were almost done with straightening her hair. But, she wasn’t having it. She got up from the chair and ran away from me. Hahaha.

This was the tool we used under her dress. It was actually a skirt my friend let me borrow.

Because it was so hot, Camila (her cousin) was helping with her hair so it didn’t get curly if she started to sweat. #AWEE

Koko (her other cousin) was holding her flower. Right before this picture Koko was crying hysterically because she wanted to be “The Princess”. Luckily, she turned her feelings around and decided to help hahaha.

I wanted the photos to be at sunset but I missed my perfect window. Because the pictures were coming out dark with my camera, I snapped some with my phone. Here are my favorite ones. Taken with iPhone XR

My friend, thank you so much for reading and coming by. I really hope you have an amazing week filled with much LOVE and LAUGHTER.

A super tight hug,


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