Good morning, my dear friend, welcome back! I really hope you had an amazing weekend with family and friends(or by yourself if you needed some much needed peace and quiet). This past weekend was super productive for me. I didn’t have much fun with friends and Mia, but it was all for a good cause! The most fun I had was shooting this cute outfit with Mia and that was pretty much all the quality time I had with her. This little girl is sooo funny and quick witted. look at the video below, she has a special message for you haha.

Friend, I’m super excited about my vacation coming up with Mia!! I’m planning super cute matching outfits for us to wear and Pinteresting cute moments for us to keep forever. After all, that is what life is about right?For the longest time, well since her teacher first talked about airplanes and flying, she has been asking me to buy her a set of luggage because she wants to go on plane. LOL. I didn’t have actual plans to take her with me on this trip, but I did get her the luggage she wanted for Christmas. You know, just because. I actually got a bonus at work(that I was not expecting) but, I received because I’m an excellent employee HAHAHA, and like magic, I was able to now afford to take my daughter on vacation with me! See how crazy the universe is? I’m so beyond happy and gratfeful for this trip. I hope it marks one of many to come!

One of my New Years Resolution was to enjoy the out doors more, to get out, and to travel. I plan on going somewhere really fun every month of the year, even if it’s locally in my state! And within budget, of course. In January I went to Los Angeles, CA. February is going to be an entirely different country, Bolivia! In March I will probably move, so there are no plans yet. I want to go to the Grand Canyon, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and so many more.

She thought she was hiding behind me LOL

I even have a Mood/Dream board to help me accomplish all my plans! So far the Law of Attraction is working all in my favor :). My love, as always, thank you SO much for reading and coming by, I’ll see you tomorrow with another outfit post 😉

Love, Shey

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Mia’s sweater and shoes are from OLD NAVY. Her skirt is from TARGET. My faux leather shorts are from ZARA. My sweater is from TARGET. The shoes are STEVE MADDEN. The cute polka dot socks are from FOREVER 21

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