Hi, beautiful!!! As you could’ve probably guessed, I’m still all about sharing my experience in Bolivia. But this time I want to talk about Mia’s behavior while we were out there. A little background on her personality before we start judging my little minion. Mia is a sweet and sassy 4 year old that likes things her way. She is super smart, fun to be around, friendly, not shy at all and a good listener. She never makes me feel alone and loves her Ipad time. She typically listens to me the first or second time I displine her. We have the counting rule, when she’s not behaving well. I start counting to 3 and she knows that if I get to “3” it’s not going to be fun for her. So far, the aforementioned rule has worked for me. That was until…. we went to Bolivia! Not everything on this trip was rainbows and butterflies. I’m here to share the truth. The truth is that Mía was on her worst behavior ever! I really mean EVER!

I stayed positive most of the time and even made up excuses for her. I tried to think about how she was feeling and put myself in her tiny shoes. Being in another country with new people, new food, new home environment and to top it all off, mommy not feeling her usual self. She typically adapts very well when it comes to new people and she did (kind of). She wasn’t her usual self and wasn’t very pleasant to anyone. She had an issue with, listening to me, eating, showering, doing her hair, socializing, my little Mía was almost unrecognizable!

Have you seen episode, maybe 11-15 of ‘Jane The Virgin’ when Mateo was acting out? Let’s just say, Mía was 4 times worse! I had just had surgery. So, it was even harder for me to displine her. This frustrated me to the point that I wanted to take the first plane back home!! Want to know the Top Highlights/ Most Embarrassing Moments of Mia’s behavior in Bolivia? Well… I’m going to list them! Lol

1. She spit out her soup…in my face!!! IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!! Why??? “because it was too hot” ( trust me it was not freaking hot!!!)

2. She would actually touch the food with her TOES to “check” if it was hot. As adorable as this may sound, it made me feel like covering my face with a paper bag and crying!

3. She would not let us bathe her. It was so bad in fact, it got to the point SHE HIT MY SISTER IN LAW AND TRIED TO FIGHT HER, just for getting get wet. That’s just a few incidences. Right now, I’m too heart broken to share more.

My sweet little munchkin had become someone, that nobody who came on the trip, recognized. I want to know, has this ever happened to you and your little one while on vacation? WHY DO kids act out at the most inappropriate times??

My love, thank you for reading and coming by, I’ve missed you!!! Now that I’m almost fully recovered, we are coming back with 5 days of posts Monday -Friday!!!

Super tight hug (from frustrated mommy),


Oh, of course there’s no cute mommy and Mia photos, she refuse to take some 😒

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