I’m so excited that Mía is getting to the age where she lets me do her hair more often. Oh this little one has been haaaaaaard when it comes to doing her hair. Since she was a little baby, she just can’t stand when someone touches her hair. She screams like she is being kidnapped! I did teach her to scream like that. But, only if she is really getting kidnapped. I taught her “if it’s a guy, hit him in the private part and scream as loud as you possibly can”. She obviously took my advise. Except, she utilizes it in the wrong situation, while I’m washing her hair. Oh my friend, trust me when I tell you this, it is/was a literal fight between her and I. Long story short, I’m relieved that she is now getting to the point where she WANTS me to do her hair. It is no longer a wrestling ring in the tub. There’s still some fuss and buss. But, I get it done with some patience, bravery and YouTube.
I love Dutch Braids on her because, I mean , doesn’t she look adorable?? AAAND I can go an entire 3 days without washing her hair or doing it every day.
I’m super handy with my own hair. But, one thing I’ve never mastered, is braiding. Thanks to the power of technology and the glory of the internet, you can watch tutorials on pretty much everything you want to learn.

And just like that (and after twenty YouTube videos) I learned to Dutch braid Mia’s hair!! What do you think? Did I kill it?😁😁

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