Happy Monday Beautiful! I’ve been excited to share these pictures with you! Mia and I had so much fun shooting these outfits. I got this coats from SHEIN.COM, It’s a very inexpensive website when you can find trendy and affordable clothing and other items (I hesitate when using the word affordable because might be affordable to you, may not be affordable to me) I love when Fashion Bloggers say “This sweater is affordable” The sweater is like $90. LOL.

More about SheIn, the quality of the clothes is always is a hit or miss. In this case my coat was “good” quality but the finishes were not neat at all. I could have made some adjustments of my own and made it work just great. Mia’s Coat was the same scenario. I like shopping at SheIn more so for Mia because she is growing SOO fast that I don’t mind buying inexpensive and trendy outfits that she would only wear two or three times.


This was way harder than it looks….way harder haha

Try #1

Try # 2

“Okay Mia, jump!!” “Ouch, that hurt!”

We did it! “Besitos, Mia!”

“Now smile and look at the camera”

What success looks like for me 🙂

ABOUT THE OUTFITS: The coats are from SHEIN.COM. Mia’s shoes are from Burlington. Mine are from Ross. Denim and white-tee we all have 😉
Thank you for reading and coming by!
Many hugs,

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