Good morning my dear friend! Happy Monday to you. I really hope you had an awesome weekend! Today, I woke up feeling blessed and grateful. I had an amazing weekend with my daughter Mia (those filled me up for the rest of week). On Saturday, we spent the day in the stores. At night we celebrated my mom’s birthday! She decided she wanted to go to our favorite Margarita spot instead of dancing (Now I know where I get my indecisiveness from). We had a good time with intimate family, and she had so much fun which was the goal!






On Sunday, Mia and I shot some content for our website. At night we went ice skating! I didn’t participate because…well…How should I say this? I was afraid of falling and busting my butt in front of bunch of people that are watching attentively just for that! hahaha. I did have a good time watching people fall (see what I mean?). I would love to learn though. Some day. Maybe. LoL.

DISCLAIMER: Mia is 100% responsible for this fun, goofy posses LOL



ABOUT THE OUTFITS: Mia’s dress is from H&M. Her shoes are from Old Navy. My outfit details are in the previous post HERE 🙂


My friend, thank you for reading and coming by! Remember we have new publications from Monday though Friday starting with Mommy and Mia Mondays and ending with Casual Outfits Fridays! I’ll see you tomorrow on a new post :). Remember to smile it is contagious!

With much love,


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