Hi hi hi!!! Oh how I’ve miss not posting over the last week!! I lost my phone, WILL ALL OF MY CONTENT ON IT and honestly lost track of it all. On a an amazing note, Mia and I went to Mexico for a micro vacation and we shot some pretty cool content! I can’t wait to share it all! I’ve been sharing little snippets in social media. But, I love to share more details and more photos on her as opposed to one Instagram post.

This was my favorite picture of all ♥️ such a Pinterest perfect moment

ABOUT THE OUTFITS: the bathing suits are from EBAY(can you believe?!) Not the best quality when wet(because they become see through). But, they’re good quality when dry and awesome for pictures! Or, just to wear with shorts when you know you won’t get in the water 😬. The hats are from TARGET.

Thank you for reading and coming by!! I’ll see you in another post 🦋



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