Today was Mia’s first day of school as a kindergartener. It was supposed to be a super exciting for us, even though it was, I also felt sad. Every single day she grows up to be a little wiser, a little braver, a little tougher and my worries grow with her. How is it that innocent people keep getting killed like this! Today is was supposed to happy day full of excitement as my daughter enters a new stage in her life. Yet it was quite the opposite. The bare thought of some crazy person shooting off a gun at any given crowd brings tears to my eyes! And I think, well, how do we protect our kids? Things like this could happen even while we shop at a Walmart! Even when she is under my watch. ..

As exciting as I wanted to make this post and share pictures of her first day, I can’t ignore what is going on around our world. We just don’t know when something like this could happen to ANY of us. All I can say to you is: Be happy, my friend. Love who you love. Be with who you want be. Hug who you want to hug, kiss them, care for them, tell them you love them as often as you can! In the end, that’s the only thing we can take. Finally, ask yourself: How am I living my dash? That dash from your birthday to your death date. If you passed away tomorrow, how would your love ones remember you?

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: Mia’s dress is from H&M. Her shoes are from ROSS. Her bookbag is from JUSTICE. Her bow is from EBAY.

My dear,

Thank you so much for reading and coming by. My deepest condolences to the people that have lost their families in these tragic events.

A super tight hug,


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