So they say “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone” My little Mia has been sick since Saturday evening and I miss her little HUGE personality sooo much! She is such a lively, fun, quick witted, sassy, bossy little girl. It’s been so hard to see her sleep and cry thess past few days. Especially, when I know she is such a funny and energetic girl.

We went to the Doctor today and luckily it’s not something super serious. It’s just a case of a cold. She hasn’t been hit this bad with a cold in quite some time. I’m hoping she’ll beat it soon and it’s completely gone before we go on vacation next week.

I found thes cute pictures of her getting in my shots (as always) and thought today was the perfect day to share them. She was like “Mommy how about I wear your sunglasses and you look at me for your picture? That would be cute, right Mommy?” HAHAHA. She was still in her ballerina outfit from Saturdays class, just feeling like herself.

My dear, thank you so much for reading and coming by! Today wasn’t as exciting because, sometimes life hits you and puts things into perspective. I have tons of exciting outfits this week!! I’ll see tomorrow with a new outfit post!!

Tight hugs,

Shey and Mia

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