Welcome to the very last post of the year, loves! I couldn’t feel happier that it lands on a Monday and I get to share it with my little precious princess!
Here is my dedication to Mia.
Princess Mia,
Half of the year 2016 was life changing, but exciting. We moved to Arizona to chase dreams as a family. 2017 was painful (you’ll know more about this when you grow up). 2018 was full of downs, with moments that brought me down to my knees thinking I couldn’t go any further. Through all these years and horrible times, you always brought out the best in me. Oh my princess, where would I be without you? Words cannot describe how BLESSED I feel to have you. Your energy fuels my soul. Your aura heals my wounds. Your laughter makes me rejoice and your smile gives me this tug in my heart I call ‘life’. To hear you call me “mommy” is the highest honor. When I count my blessings I count you 200 times, I only ask God for health and strength, to help me guide you and protect you. I LOVE YOU MIA. CHEERS to us !!! May this new year BRING US HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND LOTS  AND LOTS OF LAUGHTER!
I hope that someday you come back to this publication and it makes you smile as big as you make me smile everyday.  Cheers to this and all the memories we will continue to create together in this new year! I LOVE YOU with my entire existence, MIA SOPHIA.
Gratefully and with immense love,
Your mommy


Mia’s outfit is EVERYTHING I look for when dressing her. Cuteness and comfort. The minute I saw this sweater and skirt I fell in love.  I secretly wished they made something like that in my size :(. The material is super soft and the little hearts around it are more than adorable! I paired it with white stockings and super glittery white bow.
ABOUT THE OUTFITS: Mia is wearing a cutest sweater and skirt from H&M (it was a Christmas Gift). The white glitter bow is from EBAY (similar one below). Her shoes are from Burlington. My outfit is tagged in Friday’s publication (HERE)
My dear friend THANK YOU for coming to our last post of year! I wish you nothing but HEALTH and HAPPINESS because absolutely ANYTHING can come after those two! May this new year be as AWESOME as you make it!
HAPPY NEW YEAR my loves!!
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