Hey beautiful! I hope you had an amazing weekend filled with much love and loud laughters. This weekend Mía and I went to fun water park in Mesa, Arizona! To be honest, initially, I was not thrilled to go but, it is the end of summer and I wanted to do something fun with her to end the season ( it’s not really ending in AZ🤣 but, you know what I mean?)

Mia is super adventurous! That is definitely NOT a trade she got from me haha. I’ve actually learned to be more adventures and to do certain things because of her. For example, she really wanted to go on this specific water slide. So, I agreed. When we got to the top, I was able to over see the entire park. That’s how high up we were. As she was jumping with excitement, my heart started pounding. I was frighten . Our turn was slowly coming and I was thinking of ways to get out of there. When it’s our turn, she gets even more excited and crashes her little body into tube. She’s bouncing of happiness. Meanwhile, my knees were shaking looking at the downfall that awaited us. Then, the life guard said: “Mom, you had to do the backdrop because you are heavier” Lord only know how small my intestine got and how bad I wanted to run. Then Mia goes: “hurry up Mommy, let’s go!” And this when I learned what is it like to be mom. Oh my dear friend, my entire life of lived and not lived moments went through my eyes when the lifeguard said “GO!” I must have wet my bathing suit. Just a little.

Once we made it to pool, save and sound, Mia jumps out of the tube and says “Again, mommy, again!” We all know what happened next. She went with her aunt.

My dear, thank you for coming over and letting me into your life for 2 minutes today. I appreciate you so much! I hope you have an amazing and super productive week. This Thursday is my BDAY! It a little bitter sweet, though. Bitter because the older I get, the more I worry about getting old. Sweet because birthdays are my favorite thing in the world!

A super tight hug,


ABOUT THE OUTFIT: my swimsuit is from Forever21. Mia’s is from Old Navy.

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