Hello dear! How is this beautiful day treating you? or better said, how are handling this beautiful day? haha. This weekend was so fun for Mia and I. We got so many things done including cleaning her toy boxes, which was in our To-Do list since forever ago.  It was a win, win situation for both of us because I got rid of clutter and she has a clear future on what she would like for Christmas. LOL. Heck, can you believe that November is pretty much GONE?? O.M.G. Where is time going?

We ended our weekend with a family celebration on Sunday. One of my besties invited us over to her house. Her parents made yummy food and I had no idea how much I missed spending time with family. Chatting in the kitchen with the girls, while the gentleman play dominos in the back yard. And the kids, well, the kids are all over the place between contagious giggles and seldom cries.
My friend got a new dog and Mia says she is never coming back because she got bite 2 times! It was the funniest thing ever. Not to her. Obviously. She is so sweet, BUT feisty AF. HAHA. My love, I’ll leave you with pictures of this cute matching outfit we wore for our Family Sunday. Let me know if you liked them!

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: My pants are from HM. Shirt is from POLO (I tied it to make it casual). The braids are done by yours truly, LOL. Mia’s entire outfit, down to the shoes is from HM as well.

Thank you so much for reading and coming by. I’ll see again in the next post.

A super tight hug,


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