Welcome back dolls!! Happy Monday!

I really hope you had a great weekend 🙂 I had Mia everyday this weekend which was SO fun (I missed her a lot last weekend when I went to Las Vegas)

Shooting with Mia has quickly become one of my favorite things on the blog. She begs me to be in the pictures and I honestly LOVE that we share this passion for photographing our outfits and making it super fun. 

**This pic is so blurry, but it was way too fun not to share :)**

To shoot this look we went to the park in my apartment complex, we had so much fun! The weather was super nice at around 65 degrees so we played Tag, made silly faces and goofed all around.

ABOUT THE OUTFITS: Our outfits are from Old Navy.  I seriously love Old Navy for Mia. The clothes are affordable, super cute and durable! I was lucky to find the same one for me 🙂 Mia said: “Mommy wanna be twincies today?” and I melt everytime, it’s the freaking cutest thing EVER!

WHY DO YOU Twin outfits with your little ones? Tell me below, I really want to know 😉

Thank you for reading and coming by! We really hope you like the pictures and the looks 🙂 I’ll see you tomorrow on another post!



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