Happy Monday my friend!
I really hope you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving weekend! I had 4 days off from work and SOOO much planned. Instead, I took Thanksgiving day and Black Friday off from blogging, first because I knew you were going to be with family and friends. Second, because I’ve been terribly sick mostly in bed the whole time 🙁
I felt WAY better yesterday so I took Mia for an ice cream :). I got an Acai bowl for me (I’ve been obsessed with these lately)
I hope you like our ”twincies” outfits 🙂
ABOUT THE OUTFITS: My romper is from Hollister (super old). Mia’s romper is from H&M (also super old). As always here are some other cute options for you!
Thank you do much for reading and coming by, I’ll see you tomorrow on a new post 🙂

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