And it is finally hereeeeeeeeeeeee! I’m here to tell you everything about my first audition, the step by step process and….drum rolls…the results. #ModelStatus 🤣

Let’s start with a little background. As you may or may not know, I was engaged for about 3 years. Unfortunately or fortunately, LOL, I never got to make it to my wedding. Recently, my heart got broken, again. No pity, I’m okay 😝 I’ve come to terms with that a wedding may not actually happen. I’m okay with that. But, this commercial for a bridal show has been on repeat on radio EVERY single time I turn it on. A bright little light bulb lighted up and I decided to look into being a Bridal Dress model for this show!

I contacted the company which then, gave my information to an agency. The agency contacted me for an “audition” and here is the how the audition process went…

First, you begin filling out paperwork. Once everyone is done, a tall man begins a well rehearsed speech. He explains the process of our audition and let us know we will all be auditioning in front of each other! My heart started pounding and my helium balloon got a small leak but, I was still excited and confident.

First step was pictures in a studio room. Second, a small comercial on a given subject. Third, runway!

PHOTOS: We get called by name to go into “the studio”. Once we are all in the room, they call by the same order to do our photos. I was, probably, number 5 taking photos. When I saw the first two people go, I said to myself “ I got this”. My turn came and I killed it! Taking pictures of myself the past 6 years has paid off 😂

COMMERCIAL: After photos, we go into another room. There was a small runway, a TV and video camera. According to the tall man, the director was “watching everything we did”. They gave me a script about a Revlon Shampoo because of my luscious hair “extensions“ 😂. You get about 20 second to read it in your mind and shoot. This wasn’t my best acting but, I was still proud.

Now comes the time where the balloon begins to lose Helium. The tall, white man begins another very rehearsed speech about how this agency has discovered talents like Zendeya, Heidi Klum, Giselle and others. Being a fashion fanatic myself, I knew none of this was true. He continued to preach about how one has to oneself to make it. At this point, I felt like I was being played. He straight up lied about those celebrities and began the monetary talk. I listen as a few fellows left the room because they knew what was next. I stayed to learned as much as I could. Next…

RUNWAY!: Oh girl, I had been practicing all Monday night. I went to sleep at 1:00 AM watching videos and cat walking. And, I was glad I did. I’ll be totally honest though, I didn’t kill it. I did alright. But, I was surprised to see that I was the only one my fellow peers clapped for! It was a really really fun time! This was my favorite part of the audition.

After the runway, two ladies come in the room. One is the Director and the other was the lady I spoke to on the phone. The one that called me! The director began a VERY REHEARSED SPEECH, She even quoted some things the tall man said! At that point, I felt like I could have killed that audition and still not been hired. This was Talent SCHOOL! Not an agency! Then, they make an appointment for the next day to let you know if you were “approved or not” I knew what was coming and even though 75% of my balloon was deflated, I still had hope. I knew that appointment was going to be for money.

The next day, I went to my appointment where they tried to sell me into acting classes for $2100 for 30 weeks, once a week! I told her I was there for bridal model position but, she didn’t care. She made me feel worthless and didn’t even let me show her my business cards. She continued to say that millions and million of people are on Instagram and will never get discovered. She was rude and condescending.
I thought I was going to feel sad, disappointed, down. But, I wasn’t! I don’t want to be part of a team without integrity and honestly, even if I had the money to pay for classes.

Finally my friend, to end this long story. I’m super happy I went. I’m even happier that it didn’t work out and I can’t wait for other situation that test my integrity and honesty. There’s no amount of money that can buy a good heart and hard working soul. We will continue to keep looking and creating opportunists. I hope you come with me every step of the way ❤️

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: the romper is from forever 21 (I got it for $3!!). The boots are Steve Madden. And the smile is from the heart.

I know this was a lengthy one, thank you for reading and coming by.

Tight hug,

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