Hey pretty!! If I was to have ONE favorite garment in my closet, it would be this leather jacket! I got it from an online boutique about 5 years ago. Back then I paid $120 for it. Quality wise, I felt it was overpriced. But, I freaking LOVE how it fits! I love the shoulders pads, the spikes on the shoulders, the flaps in the front and what i can only describe as a tribal zipper. This jacket was made for ME 😭 I have gained some weight since i bought it. So, the arms are a little tight. I went to the website to get a bigger size( that’s how much I love it?!) Unfortunately, I didn’t find the same one. So, I decided to try it as a top!

To make it fit, I’m not wearing a bra 🙃 I didn’t want to take away from the jacket, so, I went for black Kim K pants and a messy sleek bun. To keep it even more simple, I went to invisible high heel sandals. What do you think, love? Do you like this look? 💙

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The jacket is from LOOKBOOKSTORE.CO ( yes .co not .com). The pants Are from FOREVER 21. The shoes are STEVE MADDEN

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