Hey pretty, these last couple of days have been really hard in my personal life, I can’t really explain why but somehow in some way I always come back to the blog in moments like this. I guess is my  way out to forget a little about… things going on and re-evaluate the important things in my life soo I’m happy to be back and writing a little more.

On another note and a little fun fact about me: Intagram used to be my absolute favorite social media platform ever!  since it changed the chronological order of our feeds to show us what THEY ”think” we like to see my interest has shifted, days go by and I don’t even go through my timeline and sometimes I post a photo just to post it. Most of the time I find myself looking up my favorite bloggers and close family members by their name to see what they are up to and is so sad because I really really liked Insta.

 I won’t promise because I don’t want to disappoint you but it’s my goal to have more content and to see our blog grow as my platform to communicate with fashion lovers around the world. This shouldn’t be a competition or about who makes it the fastest, it should be about sharing our passion for beauty and passion and being ourselves in this great platform that is called the Internet. 

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