“This year, I did not ‘feel like’ going shopping for a New Years outfit. Now the truth: I have no plans so I don’t need an outfit LOL. But, I’m sure you have big plans 😉 soo here is an idea for that last minute party you got invited to and didn’t have time (or money) to order that beautiful dress you’ve been wanting from Revolve.



When I open the door to my closet, these leggings screamed my name! “Shey come get me on you baby girl, I can’t wait to hug your thighs”. The feeling was mutual! It was like love at first sight.

Sequin leggings could be tricky to pair. 1. you can easily over do it or 2. look like a disco ball.




Since I’ve been working so hard at the gym lately,  I wanted to show off (what I felt like on that day) was starting to look like abs! haha. I went for a ‘sporty bralette’ and that was just showing too much skin for me. I was looking a little scandalous (if you know what I mean.) Then, the little lightbulb in my brain turned on aaaaand whollaaa! I added a blazer! I think it was showing the perfect amount of skin. In addition, it toned down the sequin on the leggings. It felt like a match made in heaven.




I’m loving my hair in a pony-tail lately. With this outfit, it made me feel younger and playful against the seriousness of the blazer.



Oh! last thing. I added two chokers because…. one is not enough. Like my friend Dulce Candy says ” More is more” 🙂



ABOUT THE OUTFIT: The sequined leggings & black Blazer are from EXPRESS. The bralette is from H&M ( similar cute option below). The Boots are SAM EDELMAN (similar option below).
Thank you for reading and coming by! I really hope you have an AMAZING WEEKEND. I’ll see you again on Monday, with a new Mommy and Mia post!
SO what do you think? Are leggings, a bralette and a blazer, garments you may already have in your closet? I say ” Yes, Ma’am”


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