Another one of my dream shows and one I look forward to every season is, Michael Kors. I’m personally attached because Michael Kors was the very first high end brand I’ve owned a piece from. It has a lot of sentiment to me. Most want high end pieces because they look good, because some one else has them, because they are trendy, etc. For me it’s all about the craftmanship behind them. I think about the hours worth of work behind each item, the details and material that goes into it, the smallest little things down to the color of the thread and the stitching method used. To me, it is all so fascinating and intriguing. One of my dreams/goals is to tour an actual high end brand manufacturing facility and see the entire process. I know this is super hard because of a lot of obvious reasons. But, I would die to visit one to see the process beginning to end and actually see the person that built that piece, face to face. I would probably frame the piece for ever and never wear it LoL.

Here are my favorites from the Michael Kors Ready to Wear Fall 2019 collection:

About Michael Kors, his collections are always polished and sophisticated (which I love). I also loved that I saw some more laid back looks this season! A couple of flowy/girly pieces. There was lots of layering (typical New York weather haha.) I saw structured coats (typical of the brand too!) There were only a few animal print pieces, but from seeing all the runways, I thought they would have way more, this was a little surprising. Instead, the brand featured lots of sequins with feathers, lots of grays, blacks, nudes and metallic! This collection was definitely the most venture out than most. My favorite part of the show was the finale! Such a fun way to end.

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